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Your client is chartering a beautiful, multimillion-dollar yacht for the week. Have you considered a Yacht Charter Liability insurance policy? Even on vacation, accidents do happen and could expose your client to serious financial liability. The owner of the vessel may or may not have coverage at the time of the charter depending on the terms of their insurance policy and the terms of the charter agreement. Damage to the hull, interior furnishings, tenders, and other equipment are just some of the items that a charterer may be held responsible for during the charter.

Protect your clients with Yacht Charter Liability Insurance. A Yacht Charter Liability insurance policy can be used to help indemnify the charterer against the legal liabilities, cost, and expenses that could arise, giving your clients peace of mind knowing that their risks are mitigated in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Yacht Charter Liability Insurance Highlights:
  • Provides third party liability coverage at an affordable rate
  • Helps to fulfill conditions outlined in the standard MYBA contract
  • Policy can cover an individual, corporation or trust
  • Easy quoting and application process with most proposals available the next day

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  • checkMark Personal Service
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MHG’s Insurance Specialists can find the right Yacht Charter Liability Insurance policy for you.

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